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The sweary thread (not suitable for the office)


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I´d just like to say


FUCK OFF to all the fucking wankers who put their fucking chair back on the fucking bus leaving me with no fucking leg room for a hellish ten hour fucking bus ride...



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you said potty mouth

I'm telling  :lol:


I think I'm going to have too much fun with these smileys... someone had better stop me



At least they weren't adding in vain, huh? :lol:

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You and me just fell out.  :wink2:



I told you we should have been wearing seat belts - clink-clunk and all that!


Anyway have you been playing with my quotes woman? :lol:


Check the original thread! :lol:



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a favourite of mine was overheard by a mate who's a teacher,


two lads walking down the corridor, one has something/knows somthing that the other doesn't and the other is perturbed.... so in his proudest voice this young whippersnapper uttered the following.


"How man ya Gay Botter!"


now Mr Dougherty could not let this pass so while telling the two off he's having to do so through gritted teeth as if he relxed he would have shat himself laughing...which he did as soon as he managed to get into the staffroom


from the mouths of babes

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Oh! fuck.........


shittin bastard work time, bunch of jumped up, wankin, cockends!



An hour later, you're still here? :lol:


You just can't leave the place alone, can ya? :lol:

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