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Introductions Allow me to introduce myself!

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On 29/04/2018 at 10:30, LeicesterFox said:

I am a Leicester Fan but have a soft spot for Newcastle and have since the days of Keegan. 


Been to Newcastle numerous times for the GNR and love the sound of Geordies accent.  



where have you gone ? 

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Real Name: Andrew

Age: 44

Birthplace: St.Louis, MO, USA

Whereabouts: Denver, Colorado 

Job:  Improvement Consultant 

Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Come on now?

Favourite Band: Fugazi/Lungfish

Favourite Food:  pizza

Favourite Drink:  Gin and soda

Favourite Place:  Rocky Mountains 

Favourite Tv Show(s):  Office

Favourite Film: Miller’s Crossing

Footballing Heroes: Alan Shearer, Redman  Lane

Footballing Villains: Roy Keane

Other Teams: St.Louis Blues

Other Sports: Hockey, rugby, cross country skiing, running

Role Model(s): 

Plans For The Future: retire by 56

5 Things To Do Before You Die: learn to weld, finish writing a book, visit India, run a sub 100 minute marathon, see my boys have their own kids

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3 hours ago, MaximTheMagpie said:


run a sub 100 minute marathon


That's something I'd like to see anyone manage before I die. :D Welcome!

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Been lurking on the Mackem Messageboard Gold thread for a few months now and thought I'd enter the madhouse.


Real Name: No

Age: Yes

Birthplace: Gateshead

Whereabouts: Somewhere near Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Job: Haha, that's a good one.

Favourite Band: Anyone who isn't shite

Favourite Food: Anything from Greggs

Favourite Drink: Pretty much anything alcoholic

Favourite Place: The pub

Favourite Tv Show(s): The Thick of It, Father Ted, Game of Thrones

Favourite Film: The Producers

Footballing Heroes: Shola, Shearer and the rest of the usual list of Toon legends and icons, that lad in the sports bra who relegated the Mackems to League One

Footballing Villains: Anyone who plays for/has played for Sunderland (with the exception of those who subsequently played for us and were actually half decent), most of the donkeys and mercenaries who we have been unfortunate enough to employ, anyone who cheats/has cheated against or otherwise wrongs/wronged NUFC (I'm looking at you Henri Lansbury and Willy Boly), and of course Mike Ashley and his Gallery of Gobshites

Other Teams: Newcastle Falcons, Gateshead FC, Washington Capitals, anyone who's playing the Mackems

Other Sports: Rugby, Ice Hockey, Darts (if you can class the latter as a sport)

Role Model(s): That bloke who put 9 Creme Eggs up his bum

Plans For The Future: Not to be in the newspapers for putting 9 Creme Eggs up my bum

5 Things To Do Before You Die: Celebrate like it's VE Day all over again when Ashley finally leaves, attend some more NHL matches, visit Japan, maybe see us win something of note, convince Donald Trump to build his wall around Sunderland instead

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