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Introductions Allow me to introduce myself!

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Real Name: Chris


Birthplace: South Shields

Whereabouts: Cullercoats

Favourite Club: NUFC

Favourite Band: Since my youth Bob Dylan and Led Zep would have had most ear time. But hardly bother with them now. Current? No-one in particular, I'll say Dan Deacon as a random choice from many.

Favourite Food: Not in the least bit foody. Enjoyed Gaucho though.

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Place: Bed

Favourite Tv Show(s): Seinfeld, CYE, Simpsons, Catterick

Favourite Film: Dr Strangelove, TGTBATU, Amelie, Magnolia, TWBB, TLOB, Lebowski

Favourite Shark: Chino

Footballing Heroes: Cole, Shearer, Lee, Beardsley, Kilkline

Footballing Villains: Nathan Blake

Other Teams: No

Other Sports: No

Role Model(s): Big Bro

Plans For The Future: Marriage and Little Happy Faces

5 Things To Do Before You Die: Just bring up good kids.

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Real Name: Cameron

Age: 19

Birthplace: Bishop aukland

Whereabouts: Darlington

Job: Chef

Favourite Club: Newcastle and follow Darlington

Favourite Band: haven't got one

Favourite Food: italian/chinese

Favourite Drink: Desperados, Bulmers, Magners

Favourite Place: Gran Canaria/Rome

Favourite Tv Show(s): Simpsons, Master chef, Shameless

Favourite Film: Saving private ryan

Footballing Heroes: Alan shearer, Lauren Robert (was i my favourite player at NUFC for a long while), Gary speed

Footballing Villains: way too many to mention!

Other Teams: Darlington, AS roma

Other Sports: Snooker

Role Model(s): haven't really got any

Plans For The Future: Work my way up to kitchen manager at the place i work

5 Things To Do Before You Die: bungee jump, Sky dive, give derek lambias a slap, travel across europe by car, see Newcastle win a trophy


Hi by the way! :D

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Real Name: Martin

Age: 31

Birthplace: Leeds

Whereabouts: Leeds

Job: Structural Engineer

Favourite Club: Newcastle

Favourite Band: Oasis

Favourite Food: Italian

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Place: Belgium

Favourite Tv Show(s): Auf Weidersehen Pet, Only Fools, Men Behaving Badly, Walking Dead.

Favourite Film: Trading Places

Favourite Shark: WTF

Footballing Heroes: Beardsley

Footballing Villains: Any Liverpool Player.

Other Teams: Leeds Rhinos RL

Other Sports: Cycling (All flavours of it), Climbing & Snowboarding

Role Model(s): Kevin McCloud, Eddy Mercx, Marco Pantani

Plans For The Future: Try and learn to relax at work. Take a win on the bike this season

5 Things To Do Before You Die: Watch and ride a couple of Hors Cat Climbs, Goto New York. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Goto the Rockies and do similar to the Trans-Siberian, Be Happy

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Real Name: Guy

Age: 39

Birthplace: Wallsend

Whereabouts: Brighton

Job: Self employed 21st Century Delboy

Favourite Band: Talking Heads since I was 12. David Byrne is a genius. I love psychedelic electronica too.

Favourite Food: Spicy, inventive, wrong 'un.

Favourite Drink: Ice cold continental lager, dark nutty ales.

Favourite Places: Tasmania, Galapagos, Lake District.

Favourite Tv Show(s): Blackadder is still the funniest thing ever made, but tv should be far more educational and less titwank, so documentaries.

Favourite Film: Tree of Life*

Footballing Heroes: Keegan, his attitude and energy.

Footballing Villains: Maradona, nay need for it.

Plans For The Future: Really should make some.

5 Things To Do Before You Die: achieve inner peace, climb the Great Pyramid, try DMT, invent time travel, chin Gordon Ramsay.

*is it FUCK!

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Real Name: Sean

Age: 27

Birthplace: Gisborne, NZ

Whereabouts: Perth, Australia

Job: So Called Accountant

Favourite Club: Newcastle

Favourite Band: Doors, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Eels, Black Keys, ACDC, Fleetwood Mac, Warming to lots of indie stuff lately, I think I'm mellowing.

Favourite Food: Thai, Japanese

Favourite Drink: Don't drink alcohol much, but partial to Scotch when I do. Otherwise lots of Coffee.

Favourite Place: Anywhere temperate

Favourite Tv Show(s): Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Modern Family

Favourite Film: Shutter Island

Favourite Novel: Great Expectations

Favourite Shark: Greg Norman?

Footballing Heroes: Shearer, Messi

Footballing Villains: Roy Keane

Other Teams: All Blacks, Anyone playing Australia in anything.

Other Sports: Cycling, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby

Role Model(s): None really, but I really admire Cadel Evans. Such a gutsy competitor.

Plans For The Future: Have another child (last one), Get married I suppose, Get promoted a few times, the usual really.

5 Things To Do Before You Die: Follow le Tour around France, Travel, Develop a unifying theory for everything, Think of a 5th thing to do before I die, Do that.

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Nombre verdadero: Ezequiel


Edad: 15


Lugar de nacimiento: Avellaneda, Argentina


Paradero: Buenos Aires, Argentina


empleo: -----


club favorito: Racing United :P


Favourite Band: Led Zeppelin ACDC, Rolling Stones, los piojos, las pastillas del abuelo.


Comida favorita: asado argentino, italian food


Bebida favorita: Coca Cola and Gancia


favoritas Lugar: Bahamas


Mostrar favoritos Televisión (s): Modern Family, Rrison Break


Film favoritos: GOAL ahahaha


Novela Favorita: "casados con hijos" en argentina


de tiburón favorito: ......


futbolístico Heroes: Shearer, Diego Milito, Lisandro Lopez, Demba Ba


Villanos futbolístico: sergio aguero


Otros equipos: Racing.


Otros deportes: tenis, basquet, rugby


modelo de conducta (s): agressive :angry2:


planes para el futuro: finish school

Edited by racing_argentina

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Diego Milito


Great player :)

By the way, what do you think of Argentinos Juniors?

it's a small club, but they have one libertadores cup and they were champions of the argentinian tournament in 2010

Edited by racing_argentina

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Guest CabayeAye

Real Name: Not telling

Age: 28

Birthplace: Easington

Whereabouts: Midlands

Job: Not telling

Favourite Club: Newcastle

Favourite Band: Foo Figjhters

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Drink: Newcy Broon

Favourite Place: Anywhere mountainous

Favourite Tv Show(s): Big Bang Theory, Inbetweeners.

Favourite Film: Inbetweeners (currently)

Footballing Heroes: Shearer, Beardsley, Duncan Ferguson, Ba, Colo.

Footballing Villains: Owen, Cattermole, Keane, Rooney, Tevez, Gerrarrd, Cronaldo, Terry, Capello, the FA, UEFA, FIFA, all the England team.

Other Teams: England Cricket Team.

Other Sports: Cricket, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Rugby.

Role Model: Leazes Mag

Plans For The Future: Bairn no.2 on the way.

5 Things To Do Before You Die: Invade every continent (4 down, three to go), Visit Whistler, watch the Toon in Milan, parachute, crack 50 MPH on my road bike.

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I always shudder when it gets called that. Brown or Dog imo.

:aye: Anyone claiming to be a Newcastle fan shouldn't be calling it anything else. Those from outside of the North East get a grace period to sort their lives out, but someone from Easington should know by now. No defence if you ask me.

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Real Name: Xavier

Age: 16

Birthplace: Nottingham

Whereabouts: Nottingham

Favourite Club: Newcastle

Favourite Artist: Drake

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Drink: Nice cup of tea

Favourite Place: Barcelona

Favourite Tv Show(s): Dexter, Drake, Friends, Two and a Half Men

Favourite Film: Goal

Footballing Heroes: Shearer

Footballing Villains: Craig Bellamy, Luis Saurez, John Terry

Other Sports: American Football

Other Teams: Green Bay Packers

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