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Allow me to introduce myself!

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its the owners ball and he doesnt like us playing with it from what i can make out


what ever it was they are trying to sweep it under the carpet


pity as there were some good lads on there


Aye admins , can't trust the bastards!

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Rayvin of course will continue giving him the benefit of the doubt until he actually sees him fiddling with a school girl.

I'm a 57 year old Newcastle supporter, born in Rothbury and lived in and around Northumberland till I was 30. For the past 27 years though i've lived in Cheshire, moving here for work.  

Aye there's that Spanish lad suddenly started talking as well but tbf to him his English is too good for him to be a mackem.

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hi you gos hows it going hope youre ok kidda


you though are a top bloke and i mean that


cheers mate.


i have come on here to stay in touch with a few top lads and lasses from nutz, I'm not here to slag the site off tho, I put too much of myself into it and it was and still can be a top forum. the reasons i left are unimportant. nice to have so many people ask after me tho and thats why I am here to stay in touch with some great people.


I am pretty fed up at the mo and intend to take a day or so away from forums for a day or two but will stay on for a couple of hours tonight then might pop back on over the weekend.


have to say i'm humbled by some of the nice things some people have said, thanks everyone.


it feels like a weight lifted not having admin status, I think I could get used to that :)

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actually just went and googled "nutz" to see that forum as i'd never heard of it, jesus christ my eyes!


it's more garish than my awful euro sig and that's saying something


(welcome Sam, and ignore Gemmill, he pales in compassion to the silky tones of my irish accent) ;)


I do like a irish accent :)

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Hi all, looking forward tobeing here. I'm another nutz exile....

Greetings to all those I already know, good to see you!


Real Name: Helen

Age: 46

Birthplace: Yorkshire

Whereabouts: The Heed

Job: Library/ Info worker / researcher

Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle)

Favourite Band: Loads. All time musical hero Tom Waits. Love reggae and punk too

Favourite Food: pasta

Favourite Drink: gin, lager (not in the same glass)

Favourite Place: The North, Paris, Kefalonia

Favourite Tv Show(s): Merlin, Spooks, footie...not much else, really

Favourite Film: To Kill a Mockingbrid

Footballing Heroes: Sir Bobby, Pedro, John Tudor, Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer

Footballing Villains: fakers and divers..Ok, that doesn;t leave that many out these days...

Other Teams: The Heed.

Other Sports: Crciket and athletics, but I watch any sport.

Role Model(s): Mandela, Maya Angelou, and my pal JC

Plans For The Future: I might have another beer in a minute

5 Things To Do Before You Die: I'm gonna die?

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