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Allow me to introduce myself!

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Hi all, a few people may know me (yet another one from NUTZ)


Real Name: Lee

Age: 29

Birthplace: Gateshead

Whereabouts: Stanley

Job: Support Worker (care)

Favourite Club: as if there would be another one

Favourite Band: coldplay

Favourite Food: pasta

Favourite Drink: jd and coke

Favourite Tv Show(s): documentries

Favourite Film: Armageddon

Footballing Heroes: Sir Bobby, Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley

Footballing Villains: Josheph Barton

5 Things To Do Before You Die: travel the world, break a record, attend a champ league final, (mind gone blank so 3 will have to do)

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Rayvin of course will continue giving him the benefit of the doubt until he actually sees him fiddling with a school girl.

I'm a 57 year old Newcastle supporter, born in Rothbury and lived in and around Northumberland till I was 30. For the past 27 years though i've lived in Cheshire, moving here for work.  

Aye there's that Spanish lad suddenly started talking as well but tbf to him his English is too good for him to be a mackem.

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was that at me, Monkey? If so did you mean JT? Yup it was -took it off, didn't want to look like I was bragging! I edited his biography, he's a lovely bloke.

No, I meant our CT ( Christmas Tree), stick around for more than a few hours and you'll come across him. ;)



Hey, but sure it will make sense in time.


No, it doesn't :lol:


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FAO Newcomers;


Monkeys Fist really does have a hairy palm. For advice on fads see CT, (as long as it doesn't involve reading, he's a Palestine).


Anyway, welcome to all, especially the Pit Yackers, dernt forget to pay your Serbs to join our clerb.

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Oh, well done Fish.You've actually just made me gag.


The mental picture has ginger pubes and they're a bit matted.


Need I go on?

If you do, you'd be lasting than he does.

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