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3 hours ago, Howay said:



The little scruff has come forward :lol: not sure how he can claim that he didn’t shite when he says he can’t remember any of it. Little fucking scruff either way. 


Can't remember having a shit but can remember exactly how much he drank and ate. He blatantly curled one out.

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From their financial guru Grumpy old man;


It's been suggested that, on the basis of two of last year's promoted teams having higher debt than us, we're somehow on a level with the rest of the Championship. Here's the bad news - we're much worse, particularly on external debt, than pretty much everyone. These are the numbers I've managed to get from each club's latest filed accounts (mostly 2016, though a couple have filed for 2017 already). Three numbers for each club -related party debt, external debt and total. All figures are £m.

Team Related Party External Total
Sunderland  £69.4 £67.9 £137.3
Cardiff  £101.0 £0.0 £101.0
Middlesbrough  £93.6 £5.0 £98.6
Ipswich  £88.2 £0.0 £88.2
Hull  £60.0 £21.3 £81.3
Notts  £57.4 £16.8 £74.2
Reading  £41.9 £29.2 £71.1
Bristol City  £17.6 £43.7 £70.1
QPR  £35.6 £11.3 £46.9
Aston Villa  £11.1 £35.5 £45.6
Brentford  £37.1 £0.0 £37.1
Fulham  £36.4 £0.0 £36.4
PNE £30.7 £0.0 £30.7
Bolton  £27.2 £0.0 £27.2
Millwall  £18.6 £0.0 £18.6
Sheff Wed  £17.8 £0.0 £17.8
Leeds  £15.0 £1.6 £16.6
Birmingham C  £0.0 £13.5 £13.5
Barnsley  £0.0 £7.4 £7.4
Sheff Utd  £4.2 £0.0 £4.2
Wolves  £0.0 £4.2 £4.2
Derby  £0.3 £3.0 £3.6
Norwich  £0.0 £2.7 £2.7
Burton  £0.0 £0.0 £0.0

Looking at filings, quite a few clubs are capitalising loans and issuing shares to comply with FFP.

It seems pretty clear to me that our debt levels, particularly the external number, are and will remain a constraint on investment for the foreseeable.


Oof :mellow:


Even if Short waived the debt owed to him, they'd remain in the top 8 indebted clubs in the championship. No saleable assets to speak of either.


Really surprised at Bristol's external debt too.

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