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9 hours ago, t00nraider2 said:

"We finished 4th this season. 4th in the 3rd division. It's not good enough for a club of our size. That is a fact not an opinion. We have only played at this level for a handful of sessons in our 130 year history.

We need to aim far higher than play offs. We should be looking champions with a 100 points. That's proper ambition."




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On 29/05/2021 at 11:29, Howmanheyman said:

If I was a dab hand at Photoshop or whatever I'd be superimposing leadbitter's head, (once I'd googled who he is, naturally), on a Naples mural of Maradona. But I'm not a dab hand at Photoshop so I won't. 



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BBC news Dept:


Manager: "Who did the Domino's employment story?"


Employee: "Me."


Manager: "Great! I've had a football agent on, two of those Domino's workers were actually Sunderland football players. He says we have to pay them image rights!"


Employee: "Shit! How much?"


Manager: "He says 35p for each player everytime we use the image or we can buy an unlimited bundle for them both for £4.99!"


Employee: "What are you going to do?"


Manager: "I've got accounts to transfer him 70p."



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I was bored at work last week so had a scan through RTG and they had a thread about this very thing.  While there was certainly some on there talking down this shit, there was a ridiculous amount seriously blaming this for their failure to get out of that league again.  Their level of self delusion is staggering.  

I'm sure we might have mentioned at the start of our last season in the championship that there might be a few teams who will see playing us as a massive thing but it's not something that was used as an excuse for every time we dropped points.  And had we failed to go up we wouldn't have kept bleating on about it four years later!

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38 minutes ago, Toonpack said:

They are talking Morecambe and.....


Seriously who the fuck do they think they are 

If the result gets a mention it’ll be a minor point in a cautionary tale telling their grandchildren to avoid the place like the plague 

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It’s fucking mental they’re still going on about this “cup final” shite. They could sort of argue it was happening first season down (despite it not being the case) but they’re going to be in their fourth season in that league man, they’re third tier regulars at this point ffs, most of the teams will be playing them for the 7th or so time. They can argue the sides coming up from League two see them as a scalp (as they would any of the top half sides) but howay ffs if they’re already trying to find excuses for not beating league two sides they can’t think they’re a massive side. 

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I don’t think anyone really thinks they’re a cup final in that league at all, the away day is a nice excuse for a night out in Newcastle but nobody in that league fears or respects Sunderland. 

They’re a joke and plenty of clubs in that division have pop-up premier league stadiums too.

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When we went down to the Championship it was fair to say that we faced teams where a trip to 90% full St James' Park legitimately had a Cup Final feel for some players. Burton, Rotherham,  e.g. 

Stadium and crowd size aside, the opposition were coming up against Argentinian internationals, recent England internationals etc. Hughton's team was basically a midtable Premier League team and Benitez' was only a little worse than that. Add to that the face that both of those seasons we were in the title race for the entire season, so the opposition were also dealing with one of the best teams in the division.


Big ground, big crowd, big players, big stakes.


Mackems have a half empty flatpack stadium, with bang average League 1 players, and have not been leading the charge for the title in any of their 3 seasons.


Shit ground, no fans, no marks, no stakes.


Cup Final my fucking arse

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I think with them not going up this season (again - chortle) that Covid will give them a boost attendance wise for next season, initially, no-one's been near a game so many will "just want to get back" I suspect if same happens and they remain unrelentingly shit crowds'll drop off very significantly and get more toxic as time goes on.

Am rather excited by the prospect :)

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