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Is his aviation partners the airfix Lancaster bombers, hurricanes, spitfires and stukas he plays with when he visits his mam's and tells her he's just looking for something in his old bedroom. 


".....And here comes the Lancaster swooping down over the bed mountain and about to land on the rug runway looking majestic with it's new 'Rich energy' logo painted on in painstaking detail by the entrepreneurial genius William Story......Nnnnnneewoww...... listen to those Rolls Royce engines and surely a matter of time before they partner with the energy drink tycoon and....."


"Did you say something dear?"


"Err, no mum, still looking for an old book."

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5 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

How tight do you have to be to wander around with a dairylea slice in your pocket ffs :lol: 

The best place to store cheese is your pocket :lol: 

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4th season in League One and owned by a chancer, a squad full of players nee fucker has ever heard of, but it's all right, as the stadium grub-peddlers heat up his cheese until it's "quite melted." Talk about the lap of luxury, you can guarantee none of the barcode stadium lads heat up cheese on a cheeseburger. 

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“Fucking hell marras”

”well what’s wrang Kev?”

”me dairylea slice has gone! I had it when I was playing with wor nipper down on the metro lines yestahdee”

”anything could have happened, any of the wild staffys that hang about outside the ground might have got it”

”I’ll have to fuckin buy one of them cheeseburgers with the cheese already inside, little Darren will have to go without his monster munch this week… areet marra aye I’ll have a cheeseburger… a one with the cheese in”

”erm aye ok mate. Owt else”

”nee chance, and do me a favor mate make sure you heat it up a bit more to make sure the cheese is quite melty”

”I mean it’s pre packaged mate it all goes in the microwave together, but aye sure I’ll add another 30 seconds”

”Tell you what marras I could get use to this white glove service”

”aye amazing this service like Kevin, the lads on RTG will have to hear about this”

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