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Everton vs Newcastle United Sun 13 May 2012 3.00pm


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I think we should come out calm in the second half for the first few minutes, try to slowly work ourselves into form. If we come out all guns blazing they're more like;y to keep their intencity but if we drop off they might slacken off.


Tactically we're being pulled out of position through players closing down when they shouldn't be, consequently pulling us well out of position. They're then capitalising on the created space. Though the goals have been fortuitous and dodgy they deserve a lead so we shouldn't feel too hard done by.


Ba and Cisse as a front two are not working, so that needs to change. Cabaye and Tiote are not playing well in the middle. Ben Arfa is getting the ball with no space to work, and with few out options. They're double or triple teaming him constantly so it would be perfect to have Cabaye in behind offering an out that can then move the ball into the space created.


It Tiote doesn't improve I'd be getting him off and brining on someone more attack minded, in the sense of scoring and not in the sense of attacking their players which could easily see Tiote take an early shower if he keeps it up in the second. The crowd and our play have really brought the referee and linemen onto their side.

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It's Gary Birtles. He fucking hates us.


Trying to find the arsehole on twitter. :lol:


What a wanker though. I used to sit behind a bloke at the match who carried on like him. Proper opinionated bellend who thought everyone around him needed to hear what he had to say. I hated him and eventually ended up moving seats. Fast forward about five years and my lass arranges a night out with people from her work. I walk in and there he fucking is. He was only her boss, the kernt.

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need to go for it, agree, incase of emergency shola to the rescue, missed the cabaye thing , expect a rather big load of shite on motd?


Smash the glass 20 minutes into the half. But put him on for a striker not a midfielder.

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