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I have 3 tats currently and plan more. All are in places often visible. I am not a slag, a thug or any other kind of label you want to bung my way. They make absolutely no difference to how I do my job, which I am very good at. I work in a customer service environment so am "on show" the whole time. It's plain daft to say people shouldn't be employed in front-line roles because they have a tattoo.

My tats are all customised and are very personal.

I would never dream of getting one for fashion or fun.

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I only really like them on a lass's back. Small ones elsewhere are alreet. There's a Canadian porn star called Natalia Cruze (possibly a pseudonym there) who has a massive one on her back and it's lush imo.

Btw, I worked with a bloke who had a Tweety Pie one on his arse. I actually asked him why and even he didn't know. Tweety Pie :lol:

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