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Liverpool v Bristol City

Holden McGroin

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Come on you Stags.


Honestly, if it means Souness gets the sack, I will happily put up with losing on Saturday. Let's face it, we're not going to far in the Cup anyway.

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I hope he goes before Saturday so we can all just enjoy the tie without any mongs wanting us to get beat.



Are you calling me a mong? :)





Nah, but I just hate us getting beat and don't understand that mentality of wanting us to get beat. If the manager goes I want it to be because he's not good enough, but I'm not going to hope we lose just to prove that he isn't good enough.

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I know what you mean, but I think this one is different. If we were playing Everton or Bolton on Saturday, I wouldn't want us to get beat because it wouldn't make a difference to Souness' position. If we get beat off fucking Mansfield though, it will be the last straw and he'll definitely get pushed IMO.

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Correct me if im wrong but didn't Souey get the bullet after Bristol City knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup.?


Wonder if Mansfield can do the same......





It was the last straw after a catastrophic reign of failing results, faltering performances and a string of bad sales and buys in the transfer market.


They gave him time though ....

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