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Got quite an old camera which is far from great, but I've decided I'm going to try and learn all of the basics first before I upgrade my equipment.


I know it's going to take a lot of time and patience but hopefully one day I can get to a half decent standard.


Looking at all of the images in and around here really is inspiring stuff.


Does anybody have any hints and tips for somebody that's just getting started?

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Without going in to loads of detail, the same thing that was said to me when I started. Search and read about these subjects :-

  • Depth of field
  • Composition (subject positioning, rule of thirds, leading lines, selective focus etc)
  • Exposure
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speeds

That would get you off to a good start.

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yep good advice by JawD there... also read lots of forums for hints and tips.


My favourite is - http://digital-photography-school.com/


The home page has lots of great tutorials updated on an almost daily basis & the forum is especially helpful.


Here's a great link from that site http://digital-photo...s-for-beginners


Scroll down a bit and you'll see loads of links to all the basic aspects of photography :)


Another great way to learn is post photos either here or especially on there for critique (there's an actual critique section on that forum) and you'll get lots of feedback. Now it's not always easy to hear but it helps you grow quicker than any other way. I remember my first pics on here just after I got my DSLR and JawD basically ripping them to shreds... I thought 'cheeky shite' but in all fairness everything he said was spot on and so began my journey of learning that hearing the negatives about my photos was far more helpful than people going 'ooh nice pic'.


If you put the work in, and are willing to read, learn and commit to getting better you can achieve a lot in a short space of time. I only got my 1st DSLR 22 months ago... feel free to check out my website (www.andyhudsonphotography.co.uk) to see just how far you can go in a short space of time. I knew sod all back then, but now I'm at a stage where I feel confident and am charging people for doing my hobby.


Oh and one advice would be that you'll either need a very well paid job or a large overdraft + an understanding girlfriend / wife, as once you get the bug it'll cost you a fortune... photography is not a cheap hobby! (Hence why I started charging people as spending £4.5k in less than 2 years on gear took it past the hobby stage lol)


Oh and welcome to the forum :)

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Not sure if it's of interest to you, buy there's a beginners offer or something with a Neil Atkinson in Newcastle on Groupon today for 29.


I didn't read it all but it said something about learning how to photograph the bridges at night.


Sounds like a local celeb Photographer with his own TV show????

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There you go. First one when playing around with the Aperture settings on the camera. I'll be posting as many images as possible on here so you can all criticise away in the hope of getting better.



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Also what do people use for post image processing? As my first instincts are that needs some cropping on the top.


Photoshop mainly but lightroom for basic editing.


Learning those are nearly as important as learning photography truth be told. However just like photography you can learn little by little so it's not too bad if you can again stick with it and do plenty of reading up and looking at tutorials on youtube etc.


As for the pic, I like that you got down to more or less the same height as the dog which is a really good technique, works brilliantly for kids photography too as brings you in to their world as if seeing through the eyes of another child, or dog in this case. However although you got down to almost the right height (would have personally got a bit lower) the fact you took the pic side on to the dog kind of defeats the object as there's no real interaction with the subject.


Which leads me on to eye contact... the saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" works as a great reminder in photography to get eye contact with what ever you are shooting... yes in some situations not having eye contact works well (rules are made to be broken), however until you've grasped things a bit more then always try and get that eye contact.


I don't have any dog pics I have access to on my work pc so can't post any examples of pics that i've done, but here's one of a young lady instead. Totally different subject matter but try and imagine a side on shot like your dog one i.e no interaction with the camera, and think how this pic would suffer if i'd not got that eye contact:



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First subject, great one as well. I love taking pics of my dog. A few tips:


Open aperture (smaller f number) will blur the background and keep what you focus on in focus.


Quick shutter speed to freeze motion and have no blur/movement


Now, when taking pics of dogs I think an important thing is to capture personality. Get him playing etc. do close ups of his face (is it a he?). He has a lush coat so a nice close up showing all that hair.


Wide angle is fun or fish eye if you have that kind of lens.

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I kind of feel you're just shooting away without much aim tbh... I mean some of the pics are fine, but what are you trying to achieve with them?


The best way to learn would be to focus on one aspect of photography at a time and try and hone your skill in that area. So maybe choose to learn depth of field using aperture, try it with a wide aperture, then a shallow one and see what the different effects are on the images. Then move on to shutter speed or macro images etc.


Try find some challenges on the internet for beginners and do them as it'll help you plan shots more and have a bit more aim as to what you are trying to achieve :)

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You're spot on I'm not as I'm still trying to get used to how to operate this old camera, so thought I'd just shoot what I find if you like, but really like those suggestions.

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Yeah I learned at the start by shooting in "A" (Aperture Priority on Nikon) and messing with F stops (so to see the differences f/2.8 to f/7.1 to f/22 made etc)


Then same again on shutter priority and so on.

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