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Also went on a tour to see the Chillingham Cattle.

Seriously could not recommend it high enough, felt like I was stepping back in time in seeing how animals were supposed to behave before we decided to step in and mess with evolution.








Again; couldn't get any closer with my range and spent most of my time wishing I had more. Although if I went any closer there was a high risk of me being killed! :lol:

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Not the best shots but my first time really shooting birds of prey at a distance. The conditions weren't the best as due to the clouds the background kept on being overblown and they were too far away to get them to fully take up the frame.
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It's not the park itself even though it's called Gosforth Park Nature Reserve.


You've got to be a member of the Natural History Society of Northumberland to get in like but you get all sorts of wildlife in there.


Kingfisher, Buzzards and some times the occasional Sparrowhawk. Then there's loads of deer, foxes, otters, badgers etc.

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I know where you mean- it's south east of the racecourse?

Otters too?

How much is yearly membership, it's literally a 5 minute bike ride from my house and sounds like an amazing spot.


Edit; just googled it.

£39 a year.

Well worth it.


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