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My son put his Oakleys on the other morning and they snapped clean in half in the middle :D Ok, theyre 3 years old, but he's looked after them and they cost £200. Could have poked his eye out!!! as it was he cut his nose, they were so sharp :D

Anyway, i'd like to get him a new pair for a pressie, not really up on whats 'in' at the mo, so thought some of you might know being young and trendy like 'some' of you are :blush: i only buy cheapy ones for myself as i lose them!

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I bought a pair of Oakleys last summer when I was away in Bermuda, silver 'a-wire' frames with blue polarised lenses. I absolutely love them, wear them all year round if I can! I probably saved about 1/3 from the UK price so if you have any trips abroad soon then it might be worth holding off.


a-wire suits me, but I'm 24. Maybe some of the other styles would suit your son if he's a bit younger.


Polarised lenses are quite popular these days, don't understand the science but they're supposed to be better for the eyes.


Oakley also sell realy good, robust cases, worth spending the extra £20 on one I think to prevent damage to them in pockets, etc..



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Oakley are good quality and polarised lenses are good too- they block out reflections and glare, good for fishing, driving etc.


If your after something fashionable look out for 'supra' frames (metal at the top, nothing or just a nylon cord at the bottom), thick heavy sides and 'flash mirror' coatings (a sort of half mirrored effect).

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thanks guys, seems like oakleys are the tops still. yeah the polarised lenses are great for when my son races his radio control car plus they are a must as he suffers from hayfever badly this season. He was racing in MK on sunday, but luckily a mate lent him a pair of sauber ones, they were good but the lenses made everything really yellow and the grass looked a weird flourescent green :lol: My son called them 'happy' shades. I'll take a look at the Oakley site.


Well, just found out you can get Oakleys with a built in mp3 player :lol:




Glasgow mag-I wish my son was younger but he's 21 :lol:


pic of the deceased oakleys :lol:



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Got these this summer but with the rose lense, not brown- quite like them. B)





hmmm you see everything through rose tinted spectacles



Ohhhh... haven't heard that one before....

















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