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The make up a joke thread

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I would be careful! Having seen that bloke get charged etc over posting sickepedia jokes about April you may be on dodgy grounds these days if someone on here takes offence.????


or, in other words, christmas tree has just reported you to the police ;)

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Im not sure I believe you are making all these up yourself mind!


That's the problem with puns, somebody else could very well make the same connection as you.


Proper comedians find they're 2nd to a joke all the time. Especially puns, just read the twitter of Gary Delaney or Stewart Francis.


I can say I've not heard the jokes I've put in here. I can't say they're definitely original though.

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What's brown and sticky?

A stick. A stick that i've used just f*cking used to bluedgeon my Dad to death with for touching me for the past 37 years. Someone phone the police. He's not breathing. Sorry Mam but he deserved it. Come and visit me in prison where i'll most likely spend my time get repreatidly gang-raped by some massive eastern-Europeans. Don't ask me to sit down or take a seat.

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Ok, there is a reason I dont make up jokes :


What does Jimmy Saville and Alderaan have in common?


When they died thousands of voices cried out....


(topical AND geeky!)



might pass that one on.

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