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An act can be racist without the perpetrator himself being a racist. That's pretty obvious.


My head has been spinning around for 5 minutes trying to think of a situation where this could be the case.


Its still spinning round now.


My point being that Taylor did not say anything racist.

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I don't understand today's society, he's having a laugh with friends who have not taken offence, now hes charged by the FA on behalf of the average joe who have created hysteria on behalf of people who weren't offended anyway. Anyone who suggests that somebody else was offended by his tweet is full of bullshit really.


So many people saying it was stupid etc but why is it stupid? because some people in todays society have decided that this kind of thing is racist? When really its not and no1 is actually offended by it.


What a load of utter codswallop, im calling reginald d hunter immediately.

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Stupid? Yes.


Racist? No.


Does my head in how quick people scream "racist".


What would make this racist is if the people in the picture were offended by it in a way that it was all about the colour of their skin (being dark) and their pearly whites. Its highlighting their skin colour but hardly offensive.

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The picture in question was 4 people, top left had an afro (haidara i assume) top right was a beasty bald black man (sissoko?) Bottom left was th spit of cisse then other was actually anita. I can only assume that having lookalikes when u are black is deemed racist not by the black people themselves, but by people who think its offensive to have a black person look like them and are actually probably the racist ones themselves.

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