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Monthly competitions start soon...


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Let's face it this section is very quiet and I feel a lot of the chat and interaction has died in the last few months... I'm as guilty as anyone so have decide to pull my finger out and do something about it.


I've had a word with Ant and we are going to introduce a monthly competition which will be based on a particular theme which changes each month... for example it might be 'food, or 'abstract', or 'people' etc etc. It will (hopefully) prompt you guys to get out there with your cameras and try something new and challenge yourself.


The comp will be open to everyone and is a bit of fun... I don't care if the pic is rubbish as long as you submit something. However Ant has been an absolute star and said he'll put up a prize for the 1st montly comp and possibly for the odd one every now and then in the future if we get enough people participating. So it's up to you guys to submit something every month and get a good participation rate going.


The format will work as follows:


I will choose a subject

You will submit one and one pic only

At the end of the month a poll will be created and you guys will vote for your favourite images (you can vote for more than one)

The winner is whoever gets the most votes


I'm happy for people to offer critique on people's images and why they did or didn't vote for certain ones, but keep it nice and don't hammer people... end of the day I want people to interact and have a reason for posting and checking the threads.


Any suggestions on this are welcome and we'll be starting the 1st comp soon.


Like I said Ant has kindly agreed to stump up a good prize for the 1st month which I'll announce once this months comp is live and if you guys show some commitment to posting a pic every month he'll offer up prizes again from time to time.

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Oh I should add I will be submitting pics to the comps however I won't take a prize should I win any where a prize is up for grabs... if I won that month the prize would go to the runner up.


However I'm sure you guys are going to submit some fantastic images so chances are I wouldn't win anyway :)


Remember though at the end of the day it's a bit of fun and everyone is welcome to join in as that's what it's all about at the end of the day

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I'll have a go. iPhone camera only I'm afraid, so don't expect Life mag to come knocking ;)


Haha that's ok mate... like I said it's open to everyone and so iPhone camera shots are fine.


No instagram filters mind or I'll punch you in the cock ;)


(just kidding Instagram is fine)

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plus 1


Nice one... looking forward to seeing what you enter.


I'll probs post the theme for it tomorrow if I get the chance. Will keep it pretty simple and easy and quite open for the 1st month so it helps people get used to things at a nice pace :)

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