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Rules of engagment


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Just thought it would be a good idea to set a few rules in place for the competitions so here they are:


1) All entries must be from the time period stated... in other words no cheating and submitting a pic you took 4 years ago. The aim is to encourage you to get out there with you camera and share your best shot and help you get out of your comfort zone. I will check the exif's of every entry and anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified and as I can edit things all your posts will be changed to say you're a nancy boy who likes to dress up in your mum's underwear and dance in front of the mirror to Roxanne by The Police


2) The competition will be judged by you guys, so no overlord or panel will be picking what they deem to be the best entry... the competition is for the members, judged by the members and only moderated by the overlord if someone posts something obscene or pornographic (although feel free to PM those pics to me)


3) I will pick the topic / subject each month, however if you have any idea's feel free to PM me and I'll consider them.


4) Some months will have a prize (providing you we get enough participation... no point offering a prize it only 3 people post pics each month)... The evil overlord (me) I will not be eligable to win prizes in these competitions... I will enter them just to take part, but as I'll be choosing that months theme it would give me an unfair advantage should I compete for the Porsche 911 / Mansion in the Lake District / Round the world trip etc


5) Critiquing people's entries is fine but please be nice and remember this for fun and we need people to enter every month, so any rudeness or overly harsh criticism will not be tollerated (punishment will be similar to point 1)


6) Have fun, embrace the theme for that month and take part


7) Only one entry per person

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