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How to upload your photo


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1) Upload your image to Toontastic using this link:



2) Hit 'Upload' on the right hand side and then 'browse'. Select the image file and click 'Ok' and then click 'Upload' and then 'Review & Publish'.


3) Fill in any details you want or leave blank and then click 'Finish & Publish'


4) Click on the thumbnail of your image and then once it's loaded up click the big 'Options' button and then select 'Share links'. Select the 'bb code' copy (right click & select 'copy', or just press Ctrl and C together), and paste this in to the 'Entries' thread. Your image should now appear.


I haven't tested the next way of doing it but Ant posted this in another thread so feel free to give it a go:


1) If they've used the gallery, see the "My Media" button up where you change fonts etc when you're making a post


2) hit that hit gallery images and click the picture you want to insert into the post and it'll do it for you and pop it up in a fancy dialog box when ya hit it



Or if you're a Flickr user feel free to just use that and post via that instead :)

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