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We've only one fit centrehalf


we're going get dicked, and tiote will get sent off


We didn't have Tiote against Man U and Perch/Williamson really isn't much of a difference either way, especially against a side who aren't known for their physical play.


Not that I expect us to get much/anything but Arsenal are certainly poorer than the team we were just minutes from getting something out of.

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Arsenal are shite. They've struggled against far inferior sides to us. Swansea well and truly battered them at Emirates a few weeks ago as well. This isn't Arsenal of 18 month-3 years ago, with Fabregas, van Persie and Nasri, they have been poor more than they have been good this season, and Williamson being injured might be a blessing. Perch can do no worse. I'm hopeful we can get at least a point. If we play half as well as we did at Old Trafford we can win.

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We'll murder these, nailed on,

This morning I can't see any other result that a great win.

Perch will be outstanding in defence!

Be nice for Santon to try and put in a comprehensive defensive display having had a hand in several goals we have conceded of late.


Sit your wife down and tell her you don't feel like she's paying you enough attention.

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Cazorla is an immense player - keep him quiet and it'll go a long way towards getting a result.


I'm not confident we'll win this but I think we'll definitely give a good account of ourselves. The lads must be pissed off at the ManUre result so that might see us put in a gutsy performance.

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