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Canny happy with the composition of this one we took in Deah Valley on our honeymoon. Not so happy with the quality though, ISO was too high so it's very noisy. Not much difference in colour between the sky and the desert.


I'm gonna try anfd fix it up with photoshop. Any tips on cleaning it up? Is it a surface blur that's the best tool for that as i have been told on one youtube vid? Advice on addng some blue to the sky and orange to the desert much appreciated too...or links to videos that might be useful.



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This is just a quick go using that Imagenomic noise reduction prog. I also used a blue grad in photoshop for the sky and a deep yellow for the foreground, I knocked the percentage down on the overlayered grads to get it near enough how I liked it. Then just used the dodge tool for the highlights at the bottom of the tree and the backs of you's.

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Top work. Cheers man. Now I know what it can look like I'll test myself to see if I can achieve it myself. Really wanna get to grips with photoshop, but despite tinkering for 5+ years still haven't done much beyound spot repair/blemish removel/teeth whitening stuff.

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