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Comedy Club?


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Quite depressing really....


March 1998

'I like blondes, big bust, good legs. I want a lesbian show with handcuffs,' Chairman Freddy Shepherd tells an undercover reporter. 'Newcastle girls are all dogs.' Shepherd and vice chairman Doug Hall are also recorded bragging about selling replica kits for £50 when they cost £5 to make. 'These comments,' said a statement from their representative, 'do not represent their true views.'


April 1998

Alan Shearer - dubbed 'Mary Poppins' by Hall and Shepherd in the same sting - kicks Leicester's Neil Lennon in the face. 'I don't care whether you're Alan Shearer or the Pope,' says Martin O'Neill, 'you don't do that.'


August 1999

Having taken over from Kenny Dalgish a year earlier, Ruud Gullit has to be dragged away from confronting referee Uriah Rennie. 'You can fine me whatever you want,' said Gullit. 'I'm right and I know I'm right.' Later launches tirade against his own players, and is sacked after dropping Shearer. Bobby Robson appointed.


December 1999

Robson's new signing Kieron Dyer has 'furious bust-up' at the club Christmas party - the latest in a series of incidents. Robson gives Dyer a final warning to stay off the front pages. Two weeks later, Dyer's caught in a porn scandal with Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard. Robson offers Dyer last chance and bans him from alcohol.


June 2001

Dyer smashes Mercedes while travelling to the club's training ground. The following month he's banned from driving for two months for speeding.


November 2001

Dyer is one of four players sent home from a club trip to Spain for refusing to attend a dinner for Sir John Hall. Fined two weeks' wages.


February 2002

Craig Bellamy cautioned for assaulting a female student outside a Newcastle nightclub after she jokingly pretended to hitch a lift in Dyer's £50,000 Mercedes.


November 2002

Bellamy sent off as Inter beat Newcastle 4-1 in the Champions League. Shearer also banned after video evidence proved he'd elbowed Paulo Cannavaro in the head.


July 2003

Bellamy charged with racially aggravated harassment outside a nightclub. Denies calling an Asian man a 'f*****g Paki' and a doorman a 'gypo'. Newcastle, meanwhile, sign Lee Bowyer, who issues statement to angry fans assuring them he is 'no racist'.


March 2004

Bellamy involved in punch-up with coach John Carver at Newcastle airport.


August 2004

Like Gullit, Robson sacked after dropping Shearer. Bellamy abuses new boss Graeme Souness after being substituted at The Valley. Later four Newcastle players are involved in 'an incident' at the Ritz in London.


December 2004

Souness cancels Christmas party to avoid possible trouble.


January 2005

Bellamy refuses to play in a wide position, just as Dyer had early in the season. 'I won't apologise - I've done nothing wrong. There's no doubt about it: I'm out of here.' Quits for Celtic on loan.


April 2005

Bowyer and Dyer indulge in on-pitch punch-up after Bowyer calls Dyer a 'f*****g c**t'. Bowyer fined a record six weeks wages - £210,000 - but Newcastle can't sell him, and Bowyer pledges to stay.


May 2005

Freddy Shepherd reveals he's producing a rule book for his players. 'If they don't live up to the standards we expect,' says Shepherd, 'they'll be punished by the club.'

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"Robson's new signing Kieron Dyer"


Oh really?



One of the most enduring myths at NUFC.


I assume it's a combination of the Ipswich connection and shoddy journalism.

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