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Night time photography


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It's something I've never gained any experience of doing but I'm getting my mate's tripod off him (whey) later on this week so thinking of doing a few night time shots of maybes SJP all light up perhaps. Just the usual stuff for now.


Are there any tips that I need to be made aware of compared to daytime?

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I'm planning an evening at SJP to get some night shots soon before light nights start but I would say dusk is better than outright darkness.


As you pointed out, tripod is a must as you will use long exposure. If you shoot in aperture it will give you a long exposure so need that stability. If you shoot in shutter for a deliberate long exposure (light trails etc) it's also needed.


Filters won't be much use.


You won't need a high ISO (risking grain) as again just let the camera do long exposures.


The only time you need to hike up the ISO will be at dusk if you want a shorter shutter speed.


There is white balance but I assume you shoot that on auto.

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