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The world is watching today to see if the populists score their first big global victory. If it's a leave result then anything can happen and it wouldn't surprise me if Trump is later elected.


Hopefully common sense and pragmatism will prevail on both sides of he Atlantic for all our sakes.


Vote remain!

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Well they had the chief adder upper on the BBC the other day and she said the result won't be formally announced until all returns are in. So will there be an unofficial announcement by the news prior to that?

They'll have a running total and unless it's ridiculously close it will be obvious who has won once the big cities have declared, by 7am latest. I'm not staying up for this one like, will wake up and learn what our future holds then.

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No. They really only work or are accurate by using a selected numbers of areas and comparing them to previous general elections. That's why the bbc's was so spot on last year.


Thanks CT.






That's actually a really good analogy.

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I don't think he's that self-aware. I think he genuinely thinks history will show he was right about everything.

He did write something for the Guardian before the Labour Leadership election under the headline "Even if you hate me, don't vote for Corbyn" so I think he knows he's "divisive" putting it nicely.

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Will be voting IN later when i get home from work.


I stand to win £300 if we vote leave but id rather we vote in and not have the money.


I was on the fence initally but the lack of a plan from leave is alarming. We're British, we can do it doesnt really wash with me unforunately.

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There are large scale Facebook pleas from people under 30 in my feed begging people to vote Remain. Quite why any of them should be forced to live the next 50 years in a state that they actively resisted is beyond me.

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