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Europe --- In or Out

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4 hours ago, NJS said:

He sort of has a point. 


When the indicative votes happened, some semi-decent options were scuppered by the libs and the changeuk lot because they weren't a pure revocation. 


They might not have been ideal but at least it might have been better. 

He created a mess for personal gain because, at best, he didn’t understand what he was doing. And now he won’t even countenance admitting that he might have been wrong and that he’s partly responsible for what’s ensued. That’s not having a point, it’s just passing the buck 

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2 hours ago, ewerk said:

And inevitably they’ll end up delaying the customs checks on goods coming in from Europe. Given they got such a good deal it’s puzzling that they’re having such trouble implementing it.

I blame the Remoaners. If people just supported Brexit we'd all be sipping cool cans of Carling, tucking into a full English on the sunlit uplands.

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On 10/10/2018 at 00:26, Christmas Tree said:

And the Germans finally starting to wobble....


German economists have warned that no deal could cause German exports to the UK to plummet by as much as 57%. The highly respected IW Economic Institute based in Cologne called for policymakers to take “constructive action” to avoid what they called the “horror scenario” of no deal.

The boss of the BDI – Germany’s equivalent of the CBI – has also warned that a “disorderly Brexit” would be a “massive crisis” for the EU, demanding that political leaders achieve a “breakthrough in the talks” at the next EU summit.





German exports to UK +2.6%

UK exports to Germany -11%

Top work, CT.

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This is actually the crazy thing. Currently, there are no barriers to the EU exporting to us as we are unable to implement any checks or for that matter we haven't yet got any regulatory divergence yet. But our exports are hammered by non-tariff barriers. Which is why our exports to Germany have collapsed but their exports to us have actually increased. To sum up:




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2 hours ago, Alex said:

The Brexit cunts need their Pyrrhic victory like a toddler needs it’s comfort blanket tbh.  


The Swede nailed it before the referendum even. The most apt analogy ever.



IIt’s like when a child desperately wants to pee in his pants and does it,” said Nicola Clase, Sweden’s ambassador to Britain, when I asked how she viewed Brexit. “At first there’s a feeling of relief and for a few moments it’s nice and warm. Then he’s just cold and wet.” And the problem with the referendum, I added, is that while we might otherwise indulge the child’s enthusiasm, we’re all forced to share the same knickers.


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