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Anybody on here recommend any good guides about what type of filters to chose?


I don't have any at the moment and thinking of investing in some.


I know there's guides out there on Google but I feel more comfortable getting advice from people on here whom I trust.

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Lee filters are the most expensive but quality, next down are the Hitech filters which I had before I got the Lee's(great value for money). Teamwork photo sell them here.

For seascapes you're better off getting the graduated filters, 0.9 Hard and 0.6 Hard, where the horizon is pretty much straight - 0.9 Soft and 0.6 Soft are used for landscapes where you have hills and trees etc and the graduation isn't as hard.

I wouldn't buy anything other than Lee filters or Hitech tbh, you could buy cheaper but after a while you'll splash out again when you get better and realise the quality you could get with the better brands. Buy the best and you'll buy once.

You can get lower than 0.9 and 0.6, but that's all you need in my experience, if your image needs a bit more or less exposure when using these 2, then just use photoshop to adjust the difference, it won't be far off.


Graduated Neutral Density Filters.


Polarizing filters guide.

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What he said.


I have a cokin filter set which has been great but through time they are getting scratched etc. Also if you get a polarizer (do!) I'd highly recommend a circular one.

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