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One from a few years ago - Deer at Tatton Park.


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Picture below was taken a few years ago at Tatton Park, just up the road from where I live.


Whilst we are all budding David Baileys - I'm not the greatest on composition etc - so let me know what you think.


I just see things and if they take my eye I shoot them.


Any let me know - all comments are gratefully welcomed.





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My initial reactions:


- Nice and sharp, most important on anything living

- Composition, yeah ok, its not great and its a bit of a "snap" but its still decent. The thing with animals is you need to get the "snap snap snap" of them out of the way and then start look at behavior and try to catch them doing something. this is where the hours of watching and waiting come in. I'd have been tempted to zoom in on one to cut out all that black tree area. Even get the deers to fill the frame.

- Colours are nice and vibrant. I like the colour of the deer against the green grass

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