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Bugger. Right after a fantastic performance. Seems Elliot is a good shot stopper but what I like about Krul is he's willingness to come out and dominate the box by grabbing or punching out at 50 50 balls. Given was an incredible shot stopper but he lacked that.

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I was thinking quite early in the game that regardless of the result, someone should kick the shit out of that cheating cunt at the end which has now been made worse by this news.


I fucking hate diving snide shitbags like Christaldo - in fact he reminded me of Suarez.

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Cristaldo came down on the inside of his left ankle. Wouldn't surprise me if it was deliberate.


No doubt in my mind tbh he did it at least three times in the match


Little flick out after he tumbled or leaving the boot in


Awful little cunt

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