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Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

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1 minute ago, trooper said:

Yes but what does it mean ?

It could mean a lot of things that’s why it’s hard to read much into it. It could just be Ashley refinancing the loans, it could be them being paid off, etc. 


The stuff people are saying about the movement of trademarks and copyrights is interesting mind, could again be Ashley moving stuff to himself but could also be positive. 


I’m hoping the complete silence from both sides of the takeover is positive, but honestly I’m just going to assume the worst now to avoid being let down when it turns out all this is the fat boy ripping IP from the club and causing the bid to collapse. 

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I don’t think this is a knee jerk to a poor result at home to a weak side but I feel like Ashley has finally pushed firmly down on the pillow and suffocated this club this season after a decade of hol

Fuck off

The phone saying “what’s up long pins can’t wait to feel ur unreal body”

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12 minutes ago, zerosum said:


don’t think anyone can know for sure unless you ordered copies of the companies documents.. 

Could it be the purchase of the land by The Strawberry ?

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:lol: The fucking clip of that man, he must have got them made “awwight moi saahhn you know that Disney geezer Aladdin? Yeah gimme a pair of pants like his but make them jeans. Anyway on your bike I’ve got go ring old man Kinnear, the jobs open again”.


The best part is those jeans are so fucking shite that poor excuse for a shirt, and those monstrosities on his trotters slip under the radar. 

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