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Falcon & Owl Photography Day

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I have been organising a group of people to do a photography day at falconrydays.com where they basically fly a range of owls, eagles, hawks, falcons etc... towards you and your camera. It's a full day about 10am - 4pm and is normally about £90 per person. I have an agreement with the owner where he will be give me a huge discount if i can bring a reasonable bunch in, so maybe near enough half price. Free tea and coffee and biscuits all day - bring packed lunch.


Just short of 2 or 3 more people to make it possible though. The date in mind is the Saturday 15th June.


I used a 70-200mm last time I was there and got some cracking shots (some with an extender but mostly I had to zoom back out with that on). This time I will just be using my 100mm as I think it is adequate to get good shots as they fly so close. My pics here...


Anyone interested let me know.

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I've done a few of these days and they're good, well worth it. Different Birds of Prey fly at different speeds and angles so each presents a different challenge. Something like a Vulture flys low and slow. Most Owls are moderate and some of my fave subjects. Falcons and just mental (fast) :lol: Too short notice of me sadly but maybe if you do any others.

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