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naw i never even went near the multiplayer (tried it in gow3 just with some mates but that was the horde mode where you fight waves of cpu people and have to survive)


it's excellent prob one of my fav xbox game series tbh

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Don't mind multiplayer DLC or extra unrelated content e.g. Red Dead or GTA4 but it I like to feel when I'm investing in a game that I'm going to get a full, rounded, complete story, extra story related content instantly turns me off to a series e.g. Assassin's Creed.


Takes the piss that you don't know what the DLC is going to be until after you've bought the game, it's like putting your time effort and money into reading a snazzy new 1000 page hardback only to be told at the end that there's an extra 50 pages to fill intentionally left plot holes, and you'll have to pay the equivalent of a complete, classic older book for the privilege.

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and dont require you to put your card details into a breachable database?


or just don't store your save your details when you buy it :shrug:


bit late to play the i don't use my ccards ever line for anyone these days, unless you've no tv/radio/micowave/live in a cave

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Don't mean to derail this thread again, but I wanted to go back to Bioshock 2. Been playing it and though it's canny, it feels like a straight ripoff of the original. I got both off a Steam sale for around $5 each so I'm not too bothered that 2 feels like 1.5, but if I'd paid full price for both games, I think I'd be a bit cheesed off. Same universe, practically the same setting, some of the same characters, mostly the same weapons, mostly the same enemies....

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