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We're all familiar with Cockney rhyming slang . It's used mainly by Cockneys .


Chirpy chappies the lot of them.


Big-hitters like apples & pears (chairs) , syrup of fig (dig) , Lady Godiva (driver) , Shetland Isles (miles) , woolly mitts (gloves) etc. are probably used as everyday phrases by most of us in fact .


Well I was thundering (wondering) if there's any Joe Kinnear based rhyming slang out there ?


Betty Boo (who)


Going for a poo (interview)


"Let's have a clown (sit down)" as he'd say . .

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He`s had the old tintac 3 times before and really needs to get up the frog and toad,sorry to hear about his saucepan lid, but as a manager he even winds the skin and blister up.He may well have had a few britney`s with cashley ashley, but he is full of old pony and it makes me a bit tom & dick listening to that coming out of his north and south, does he think we are all mutt and jeff to it all

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