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Mr T to supply sat-nav voices


Star struck motorists are being offered satellite navigation systems that speak to them in the voices of three Hollywood superstars. Mr. T, Dennis Hopper and Burt Reynolds have all agreed to record directions for a new satellite-navigation system.


In addition to simply giving directions, the actors inject some fun into the proceedings with Mr T threatening drivers: "Pay attention to what I’m saying. When you ride with Mr T, you gonna get there in one piece." Burt Reynolds urges drivers to slow down, reminding them they aren’t in Smokey and the Bandit, the role that made him famous while Dennis Hopper tells motorists to relax as they’re travelling with the Easy Rider. The celebrity systems are being launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week. US drivers will be able to download the stars into their cars for just $10 with a series of generic voices, such as a bored surfer, available for $5.


Click here to listen to the Mr T clip "Destination" (MP3 format) - more clips at bottom of page


The system is produced by Navtones sat-nav systems and produced by Wanderlust Media and digital mapping company Tele Atlas. Navtones say they will be working with UK sat-nav companies to bring their stars into British cars. Dutch based satellite navigation company TomTom launched a system using the voice of Monty Python actor John Cleese in the UK in August 2005.


Clips courtesy of Navtones - www.navtones.com


Listen to some of the sat-nav clips below (MP3 format):


Mr T Clip 1

Mr T Clip 2

Mr T Clip 3: "Destination"

Burt Reynolds Clip 1

Burt Reynolds Clip 2

Burt Reynolds Clip 3: "Slow down"

Dennis Hopper: "Wrong direction"


Source: http://cars.msn.co.uk/carnews/mrtsatnavjan06/Default.asp



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