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Wide Angle Lens


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Neither are for a Canon body so no they aren't any good.


When you say 'wide angle' what exactly are you wanting to shoot? Wide angle zooms can be purchased like the 18-50mm Tamron or Canon which are great all purpose lenses... anything wider and you're looking at a fish eye lens really and they are for more specialist stuff

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I'm not after fish eye but more along the lines of what you said Andy.


Get yourself a Tamron A16 SP AF17-50mm zoom lens non VC, if it has the letters VC after it then it's a less good quality.


VC stands for vibration control which is good to have but for what ever reason when they made that version it was crap. Also you don't need VC at that focal length.


Costs between £200 & £250

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Brilliant, thanks man.


No problem :)


I had one for a while before upgrading to the Canon version which costs £600 more. Whilst the Canon is better I'd say unless shooting professionally the Tamron is more than good enough, and I actually used it for a few weddings and other jobs with plenty of success.

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