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But speaking to leading Spanish sports publication Marca, Jonas said: “He told me to look for a team a moment after the second operation at the end of 2013.


“This hurt me a lot.


“You have to be more human and not look only at the football side and business.


“I only look to the future and each of us has to look at themselves and their conscience.”


Now Jonas is working towards a new deal at Newcastle after playing his first game for United in two years during the 1-0 loss to Manchester United.


Jonas said: “I’ll continue to do my best in the training and work hard to get the minutes on the pitch I want.


“I’m going to fight for my place. You get opportunities in football, and you have to be ready to take them.”


To be fair to Pardew, he was more than likely just relaying the message he received from on high.

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Total bunch of fucking cunts. Not that we didn't already know it but to hear it outright from Jonas is sickening tbh and iirc they kept denying it as well didn't they?

He's also better than a fair few of the current squad (Gouffran in particular).

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This is whats in charge of our club man no compassion no fuck all a set of bastards who even made him pay for his own treatment. I know he's probably got a few quid but for the club not to even offer they should hang there heads in shame a set of cunts.

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The bloke has been nothing but wholehearted for the club and for them to treat him this way is a disgrace. I've heard people go on about how Colo stuck with us when we went down but for me he'd had such a bad season when we went down, he had nowhere else to go. Jonas on the other hand had been one of our better players and I'm sure if he'd wanted to leave he wouldn't have been short of options. But he chose to stay and put his efforts into getting us back up. He's never been the greatest player with his final ball regularly letting him down, but he's always been decent and a great grafter. He's a must start for the tramps game for me.

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Its hardly surprising Colo's head has dropped when you see how the club has treated Guti. Bunch of bastards from the top down. Pardew doesn't emerge well from this either.


The only thing he's emerged well from is his father's urethra.

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