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Can someone PM the code for posting a new topic on here? its not for anything Im doing here but to get an understanding of how it posts for a new project Im working on.


ie I need to know exactly what happens when you click that Post New Topic button at the botton there, the one Im about to press .....now!

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It runs




Obviously http://www.toontastic.net/forum/index.php refers to the root home address of the forum


?act=Post is telling the software that the action you want to perform is an addition to the database


&CODE=00 tells the software that it is a New Topic (if it was &CODE=10 it would be telling the software that it is a New Poll).


&f=8 is telling the software that the new topic is to go into the forum which been setup with the ID of 8 (The Help forum in the case of Toontastic).


Is that the kind of thing you were after?

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sort of but I was looking for the actual php/mySQL malarky, however you may be able to answer this one, can you using the URL string you just gave me also attach the username and password? basically, allowing posting from a remote site?

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