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3 hours ago, Gemmill said:

The inoffensive Grant Shapps has told the News Agents podcast (Sopel, Maitlis, Goodall) that Liz Truss has a period of about 10 days to save her premiership. Not sure quite what he means but the fact he's even saying stuff like this on tape is quite something. 

I disagree with him. Time has run out for her already if you ask me. Beyond the point of no return. 

The Sam Allardyce of the Prime Ministerial world.

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8 minutes ago, ewerk said:


A 46% majority for her in her seat. 


This is from 2015 when she was first elected. \looking at the combined tory/UKIP vote it's fair to say there's a preponderance of cunts in Fareham.




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For too long, our economy has not grown as strongly as it should have done. For too long, the political debate has been dominated by how we distribute a limited economic pie. Instead, we need to grow the pie so that everyone gets a bigger slice. That is why I am determined to take a new approach and break us out of this high-tax, low-growth cycle. That is what our plan is about: getting our economy growing and rebuilding Britain through reform


Mmmm, pie. 





I think this Truss speech has the potential to be a classic. 

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13 hours ago, Isegrim said:

She’s either more honest than Patel or just thicker, but their ideology is on par.

Both tbh

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