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1 minute ago, Toonpack said:

I remember when I was a kid we went to Edinburgh castle and in the chapel there, there are (or were) books of remembrance, never forget looking over at him and he was stood over a book tears streaming down his face, I'm guessing it was his regiments book, mam just ushered me away sort of "come and see some this over here".

Strange how memories come back to me, god knows what his memories were :(


I did the same for my great grandfather last year as it happens. Amazing place. 

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45 minutes ago, Renton said:


Fair point and good post. My great grandfather was killed at Gallipoli. Blown up arse over tit by a Turkish shell, as in that great pogues song. As it happens I do attend a remembrance Sunday service to.show my respect and take my kids and explain it to them.From now on though I  do not wish to wear a poppy thanks to wankers who have hijacked it. Its a free country thanks to the men and women who died for it, in some ways not wearing one is therefore a sign of respect. ;)


The people who go mad for it often don’t have a clue about history. Then you have knobs like that Tory mp who are patriotic in the jingoistic sense but wouldn’t go near military service. They love a good war so long as it doesn’t involve anyone they care about. It’s pretty much the opposite of respect for the people who serve in the military because, like most politicians that jump on the land of hope and glory bandwagon, they view them as  expendable rather than actual people doing a tough job. But as long as he’s got his poppy on first 

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34 minutes ago, Meenzer said:

Ah there we go, there's something worse already.




This is fucking heartbreaking, I know a lot about this subject and some of the stories in my local area are awful, its 2020 and kids are living in homes where familys choose beer over kids food, these meals are the only food they get, to vote against this is truly one of the worst options a sane person could choose Karma will be sharpening tools tonight

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It doesn’t even make sense from his own twisted point of view. Like how does helping these kids in short term prevent them tackling the long-term causes of child poverty? Not that they’ll be doing the latter anyway but the idea the two are mutually exclusive simply doesn’t add up. That’s without getting into how much Dido Harding et al have been handed by these lot for doing next to fuck all 

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