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Roses are red Violets are blue Please vote for Labour Unless you're a Jew

But surely.....    

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MPs have lost their jobs for less. 

I'm inclined to agree that Starmer is too smart for that - a public humiliation of JC's leadership and followers will go further than embroiling the party in legal actions. 

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As much as anything that statement just demonstrates how fucking stupid Corbyn is. It was a big problem handled appallingly badly by the leadership. Yes, it was almost certainly blown out of proportion but his failure to appreciate it  would be and that it would give massive amounts of ammunition to his opponents speaks volumes. Even now the daft twat seems to be doing his best to enable this appalling government 

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I do wonder whether labour would be best served by splitting from the cult. Allow the grown ups to focus on winning the next election while freeing up the trots, antisemites and other assorted unelectables to focus on forming their new debating club. 

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Agree that Corbyn should be dealt with


Suggesting it’s a bit fuckin rich coming from Starmer who was deputy leader in the shadow cabinet at the time when anti Semitic abuse was being hurled at sitting Labour MPs by fellow Labour members :cuppa:



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