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2 to point out that they told us all along that the lightbulb would fail and that really we should have changed it before it had even been switched on,

12 to argue that it was the other members of the board that had overused the bulb and put blind faith in its lighting abilities from the start and therefore the bulb would never have had problems if they hadnt have backed it so much.

1 to blame the lamp for allowing the bulb to be installed in the first place,

2 to blame the buyer of the bulb and point out the fact that we should have gone back to the bulb we had 8 years ago and that no matter what the room was definitely brighter back in those days.

2 to come on and make jokes about how the bulb was a waste of space anyway and we should just open the curtains.

3 to write posts lamenting the demise of the bulb and harking back to the glory days when all was bright.

1 to point out that there'd be a lot more light if we hadnt got rid of those two old standard lamps that used to stand in the corner week in week out without ever being switched on.


and 2 to get in digs about how Gemmill refused to see that the bulb had gone and instead insisted that the bulb would come clean in the end and it was just a temporary blip.

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200000000 to say 'GREAT' jokes and to mention 'the other lightblubs', despite the other lightbulbs being more efficient and more popular.  ;)  ;)



1 to point that out despite being in the company of said "inferior lightbulb" at the time of it going.

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