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Car Trouble - Clunky Clutch

Brock Manson

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Any petrolheads on here?

My car has just been serviced, and after paying the fuckers an extra £20 to look at my clutch, they've called and said they can't find anything wrong with it. The past month it has been intermittently clunking whenever I change gear. It changes gear fine, but I could do without the noise as it can get pretty loud. Given it's ridiculously pricey to have a new clutch installed, I'd rather a minor fault be dealt with now rather than waiting to see if it gets worse.

A google search has problems ranging from friction to a broken clutch, so I'm none the wiser. Anyone have an idea what's wrong/how to fix it?

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I was thinking maybe it's some piece of metal or the like as you say, but surely if I'm paying these caths £20 just to look then they'd have the same thought?


That said, it's barely clicked at all the past 3 days so maybe it's the cold and rain that's effecting it.

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