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Best Song Ever

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I've got their entire back catalogue and I've tried listening to it, enjoyed plenty, but I couldn't name another track and i don't give them repeated listens at all...apart from this one which i must have played twice (three times) as much as anything else in the past 7 years.


I could have it on a loop all day and have done. It's head and shoulders above anything else I listen to as a personal favourite. Don't know anyone else that likes the song or the band, never heard it on radio or seen it on tv so it's always felt like I'm the only one who sees the genius.


Do you feel like that about anything? I don't want any blighters listing more than one, I'll mod your ass [/Tarantino] if you do. Which single track do you hold higher than all others and why?



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Almost impossible tbh, but my track , though neither obscure or new, ticks a lot of the boxes you mention.

I find an excuse to listen to it several times a week, it always gets the hairs on the back of the neck tingling, it's arguably influenced so many artists and bands that came after, and there's not another track of similar genre that betters it.

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Love built to spill myself as well i'm afraid @@Happy Face and seen them live about 5-6 years ago in Belfast, you were right/carry the zero would be my personal favs.

(for anyone else if you like bands like Modest Mouse then any of the built to spill albums will be up your street)


There's loads of songs i love, but a lot of them will be because they remind me of something/events/friends or whatever, but an irishband called Bell X1 always make me smirk to myself when i catch onto a lot of hidden references to other bands/songs/colloquialisms/irish, that i just think are clever/witty eg one song mentions "i went out for a video, i came back with a tan" after a local video retailer here branched out by having tanning beds in the store :lol:.

like said theres tons in a load of songs but always thought "wonder how many picked up on the chris de burgh reference"

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Love built to spill myself as well i'm afraid


Ha, no need to be afraid, obviously realise they're well liked and critically acclaimed... just mean among people I know and mainstream playlists.


Love Modest Mouse too :thumbup:


First place I took notice of The Stooges was when 2ManyDJs used No Fun. :blush2:


I think "As Heard on Radio Soulwax" sent me off in about 10 directions. Ill-informed pre-internet teenager.

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This guys got a better voice than your man now CT. Btw saw Mr Loaf twice first time at Knebworth in 1985 as part of the supporting bill for Deep Purple he was shocking bottles of piss thrown at him stomped off in a huff halfway through his set. Saw him a few years later at the City Hall he had Bob Kulick ( his brother Bruce was in KISS ) on guitar and he was really good wouldn't fancy seeing him now.

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