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Newcastle United vs. Swansea City


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I never start these, so I thought I'd try one. I figured I'm safe, because if we lose 4-0 I'll be about on par with everyone else in recent weeks, and at least we'll know never to let me start one again rather than chancing it when it might mean something.


I think we'll draw 0-0. We can't score and Swansea have been generally pants this season. If we lose through playing the same turgid football we've been guilty of in recent weeks, you would have to hope that it might spell curtains for Pardew.


My impression was that both Remy and Debuchy would be back for this mind you, so he'll not really have any argument if we do lose...


I can't see us beating Arsenal or Liverpool, and Cardiff will be fighting tooth and nail to avoid relegation...so this might be our easiest remaining game.

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I just can't see us scoring a goal at the minute, so maybe 0-0 is the best we can hope for. As it happens I think we'll probably lose 1 or 2 nothing. If it stays goalless I expect the Silver Fox will get lambasted by the SJP faithful, and rightly so.

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Swansea will score a couple. We won't.


Pardew will blame disharmony in the dressing room caused by fans' unreasonable expectations, local press and the Clangers.

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S. Taylor knock 19th April 2014

H. Ben Arfa hip/thigh injury 19th April 2014 late fitness test

D. Santon hamstring no return date

M. Sissoko hamstring 28th April 2014

S. Ameobi ankle/foot injury no return date

M. Debuchy groin strain 19th April 2014 late fitness test

L. Remy calf/shin injury 19th April 2014 late fitness test

G. Obertan knee injury no return date

R. Taylor ACL knee injury no return date

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