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you failed at completing your last job which was pretty much making a hole in the ground


buy one






As it happens, this is a Rowlinson (fairly decent make) which is available on the Internet for around £90 but which JTF the wholesale company in North Shields (and throughout the UK) are loss leading at £49 plus vat.


Really solid build.

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Anyone on here a brickie? 

I’m rebuilding this garden wall, roughly 4m long. 

Do I need to put wall tie thingys in it? 




It’ll be two bricks wide and about 6-7 courses. 


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Can’t really see on the picture, does it have a cavity? If not no.


If it does it’s still probably overkill for something that size. 

Put some pictures up when it finished. Want to see how pissed it is



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