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Apparently its as you would expect with the addition of Ruddy, Shaw, Jagielka and Lambert over Forster, Cole, Terry and Carroll.


Agree with the Cole omission but personally I would have taken Forster, a lad who's excelled against Champions League opposition, over Ruddy, a bloke who has just been relegated and will be playing in the Championship next year.


Lambert is never international class. Carroll isn't outstanding either but at least he offers you something different and foreign defences may struggle with him.


All in all it could be a half decent squad though with the likes of Shaw, Barkley, Oxlaide Chamberlain, Sterling in.


My Starting XI would probably be














Barkley/Oxlaide Chamberlain






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Lallana starts for me, in front of Wilshire. That mackem does too tbf, Liverpool have fallen to bits whilst he was suspended. Rooney up front, Sturridge on bench although I think Hodgson will make the same mistake as most other England managers and try to shoehorn the best 11 players into the side instead of the best balanced side.

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Same defence as OP but a front 6 of


-----Henderson ----Gerrard



Barkley -------Sterling -----Lalana




Genuine pace and inexperience. Fuck the likes of Rooney. Put him on the bench, make him hungry to prove himself in a major tournament for once. Who cares of theyfail? At least it'll be experience for the younger lads for next time. The Germans did it a few tournaments ago and look at them now. Expectations at an all time low so nothing to lose really.


I'll be disgusted if lampard and Gerrard are on the field at the same time at any point. They've had more than enough chances

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I hope he plays the kids. Sturridge up top on his own for me. Rooney on the bench

Agree with that. :thup:


Then have two of Sterling, Lallana and Welbeck either side of him.


Rooney lets us down constantly in tournaments and is tactically too indisciplined when playing for England.

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I wouldn't be adverse to trying that team, but it's an awfully inexperienced front 4

True, but fuck it - we're not going to get anywhere near winning it. Give the next generation a go. Edited by Dr Gloom
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Shame for Cole, as I think he's been excellent and always put a shift in for England where others in his generation have been inconsistent in internationals. I do understand it mind, Baines is brilliant and Shaw fully deserves his place and he's the future of the team for that position so it's good experience for him.

I like the idea of the teams a few of you have posted, if we see Gerrard and Lampard lining up together I'll be switching off tbh. Our first game is going to be near the equator so a pair of plodding 30+ year olds that have had plenty of attempts wont be much to watch. Hopefully we see a young team and just go for it, our chances of winning it are slim anyway so may as well use it as experience.

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`Carroll isn't outstanding either but at least he offers you something different and foreign defences may struggle with him.`


refs abroad have a thing about physical contact. IF you recall france 98* the refs penalised our big players for so called fouls....eg sol campbells goals disallowed for no good reason etc.


Carroll relies on being a big lad, and will be wrongly penalised by dodgy refs at the wc.


Personally I would take him, but in reality hes using up a slot, as he wont get played very often. roy will know what refs are like at these tournaments (


*might been the next one ?

Edited by TobamorisRevenge
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