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What can we actually do?

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Ashley has torn the heart out of this club and left it slowly pulsing it's last on the side of the road. Thing is, we, the customers, can do something... but what?


Will it take a total boycott of league and cup games to get rid of him? Will sustained protest marches and local newspaper campaigns have any effect?


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Research indicates that damp squibs will do no harm.


Mainstream media opposition should help to swing the tide, however at the base level I suspect many match goers don't know or care about the way in which the Newcastle United brand is being ridden into the ground.


There's emotion and passion in supporting Newcastle United, but there is none of that from Mike Ashley. If that passion could be redirected as distaste for Ashley and the way the club is being run then it would have to trigger action of some kind.

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Its a difficult one really, total boycotts would work but only if they were sustained and there is too many people who aren't commited enough to the cause .


Basically as we stand, hes using us as an advertising vehicle for SD, were we to be relegated or near relegation he would have to consider his investment and think about selling up. Basically the worse we perform the less the asset is worth.


In reality he doesnt want to sell, he wants as is, to be self supporting and able to advertise SD to billions for nowt. So finding a buyer unless an arab can magic up £300m+ we are stuck.


Most realistic is that we continue as is and hope we do really shit and get relegated leading to a sale. How can we as supporters affect the performance of the team to such an extent that could get relegated ? Who knows, morally it stinks but what the lesser of 2 evils? Continue as is on a path to nowhere letting MA take our money and us for mugs or unite as fans for a common goal.


Can anyone else realistically see another alternatives?


In a business sense hes played a blinder. We our self supporting with low expectations as fans. But slowly the tide is turning, be interesting to see what ace he has up his sleeve next and what counter punch us fans can muster up.


All this is ofcourse personal opinion, the thought of finishing midtable for the next ten years with no cup runs whilst he milks the advertising exposure .... :angry2:

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It's gone beyond the point of me thinking that I or anyone else for that matter can get rid of him with protests or boycotts or whatever. I've began to look at the situation with a purely self-preservation perspective. I will not go to matches anymore, nor pay for anything that will mean my money ultimately ends in his pocket or any other cunt currently at the club. Won't matter a jot in the grander scheme, but it will at least make me feel comfortable that I am not supporting this regime in anyway whatsoever.

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I thought the walkout was brilliant and more of those would be perfect.

Do you think it would affect the club enough on the current scale? Money talks unless hes hit financially (tens of millions) he will continue as is.

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We need a coordinated concerted effort in and out of the stadium. Get sub 30k crowds for home games and sub 10k crowds for cup games, mass protests outside the game. I'm not talking about 2k leaving the ground, I mean ten thousand people on the street calling for his head, burning effigies, (dare I say trashing Sports Direct stores?).


That won't happen because, as has been said, the people turning up aren't there for Newcastle United, they're there because it's a thing to do, just like the cinema or whatever.

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