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Does it seem logical to anyone that we walk about on a sphere with oceans all around us, rotating at around 1038 mph at the equator and spinning around a centralised 1000,000+ km diameter sun?

I know what we were all schooled with: but does it really seem logical when you actually think about it?

To understand what I'm saying; think about yourself stood on the ground. You are moving at over 1000 mph, yet you do not feel any movement. Your body's senses do not detect any imbalance, yet all you see is a sun, stars, moon, etc moving slowly over the sky.

Apparently our Earth is 24,900 miles in circumference and is not a perfect sphere, as we are told. It's an oblate spheroid, or flattened at both poles and bulging at the equator.

We are told all of this in virtually every level of schooling, in some way, shape or form.

If the Earth is spinning at over 1000 mph, then by rights, the air should strip our bodies of skin with the friction , or we should simply be flung in the opposite direction to the Earth's spin.

Of course, we are told that the air and the Earth spin in unison and that's why we don't feel this 1000 mph wind, because apparently, the Earth having been spinning for billions of years, it's gradually dragged the air with it all the way to the very edge of space.

Does this seem logical to anyone?

What about winds that blow in every direction, even against the so called rotation?

We get told that because Earth is somehow floating in a near vacuum of space, in some kind of warped space time, or as explained, like sat in a sunken net mattress in space, it keeps everything tickety boo.

Walk anywhere you want to. Go to the beach. Look at the horizon and you will notice that it's always at eye level...and....straight, not curved.

Could it be that the Earth is not a sphere as we are told it is and not in space as we are told it is?

We are told that gravity is what keeps us , the oceans, the planets, etc, from going anywhere. Seriously?

Science can't explain what gravity is. They can tell us what gravity does. It makes things fall, they say. Things fall at something like 9.8 meteres per second, the tell us. They don't have a clue what it is as a force or what causes it. Is this because it's simply made up to fit their model for what we have to believe in?

I think atmospheric pressure more than explains what gravity is. It's simply putting your mind to it and thinking outside the box, because it needs outside of the box thinking to actually see that it's possible we have been duped.

We are under around 15 psi of pressure at sea level. That's one enormous amount of pressure. Our bodies cope because we are adapted to it.

I can explain gravity in any way as atmospheric pressure.

Getting back to what Earth is. If you look up at the sky, you see things moving and you interpret things moving to your eyes. You do not interpret yourself moving whilst they stay still.

If you decide to run, then look into the sky, then you interpret your own movement making other things appear to move.

We get told about the big bang, black holes and a whole host of other stuff. To me, they're just stories made up by science fiction theorists, like a lot of stuff.

So what could the Earth be if it's not spherical?

My guess is, it's most likely, like half a orange very slightly scooped towards the middle, encased in a dome of ice that we see as our sky and everything we see in that sky, is inside of this cell like Earth.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on this stuff. I'm well aware I'm going to be on the end of a heap of attempted ridicule and I accept that. If there's any people who are out of the box thinkers, I'd like to see your input.

Anyone else, feel free to say what you think.

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There would be no edge. It would be an ice dome foundation. Basically a place we could never reach due to the extreme cold and lack of breathable air.

Nu uh cause I have a special cloak that gives me infinite air and heat (it's also Bullet and lazer proof and makes me invisible)

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it was the arguing about the subs with a submarine engineer that i loved

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I think it's best to delete this. I don't think it will garner interest. Cheers.

Why would it? It's a newcastle forum, save your crackpot posts for the forum you steal them from

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TheRollingStones, on 29 Jun 2014 - 2:41 PM, said:

Why would it? It's a newcastle forum, save your crackpot posts for the forum you steal them from

I just thought wirth this part of the Newcastle forum being the CHAT section, it didn't involve Newcastle. You know, with not a lot to say about things Newcastle at the minute, I thought a bit of chat added , might gain a bit of interest with some. Obviously I was wrong.

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