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NUFC - LCFC 18/10/2014

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Not guilty.

If I'd put it up the only delay would be in handing out sunglasses to everyone, to shield the eyes from the sheer brilliance of it.



As it is, some fuckmuppet will not be getting paid any time soon.


Just seen on sky it looks like some sort of flashing/surround is waving around in the breeze...a baldy with a pop rivet gun is in the cradle sweating like CT at a food festival..

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Guarantee that this is the excuse Pardew uses if we don't win.


"We was expecting a lot of fings from Leicester, but we wasn't expecting that the hostiles was going to wreck our new telly. Fank heavens Mike was able to fix it for us, but the damage wuz done and they was spared from us inflicting untold damage."

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