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Metal Detecting:NSFW. Contains images of boobs and dirt holes, as well as pigeon corpses.

Christmas Tree

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:lol: all lying in the backs of cars, spent, when he comes back with his bounty. "Guys! GUYS! Look at this useless shit that nobody, particularly N-O, wanted."

No need to speak about people like that.

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Lovely day out today rummaging in the earth. Some pesky newcomer got the star coin. (Silver 1300's).


But I did get an old penny and a sixpence, not to mention glorious peace and quiet.











:CT: d your post
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"Guys!! Guys!! Come back!! Chocolate coins, metal detecting, something or other, etc, etc"


MF'd your CT'dP or something, err......What was I talking about, again?

Pendulous boobs and a bald fanny- it's him ;)
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