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Lol ewark 9 out of ten - how many years is that 10/15? And I think Bobby's team with Lineker, and Gazza, Shilton (with seamen in reserve?) was just a little bit better than anything we've had since.


England is a shit international team and has deteriorated steadily for many years or competitions.


I'm still smarting about the watch selling comment.

Chris Woods was the reserve keeper in 1990. Third choice was former Newcastle legend Dave Beasant

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I am not, I do not care.

We couldn't very much do with him in the starting 11 because he refuses to comply with Benitez's tactical instructions. Not sure why that's difficult to grasp for you. If it was simply a case of accom

Well, there you have it. Despite his heat map looking like a Japanese flag, he's actually a better player than Harry Kane.

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That's the thing though, comparatively good compared to Kinnear, Carver or Pardew's last couple of seasons. So fucking what? :lol:


well, he's not completely awful is he? you have to look for the positives after a decade of ashley's decision making.


i think he could potentially do alright and establish us as a top 10 side again, which is basically as good as it's going to get till the fat fucker fucks off.

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